Is 80eighty Legit? [Secret Revealed]


Is 80eighty Legit? What Kind Of Company Is 80Eighty? This article is all about 80Eighty. 80Eighty is an online automotive lifestyle company that gained significant attention for its unique business model, which combines car giveaways with apparel sales and promotions. While the company has attracted a considerable following and generated excitement among automotive suckers, there have been concerns and debates regarding its legitimacy.

On the surface, 80Eighty appears to offer an enticing proposition. They hold regular giveaways where participants have the chance to win high-performance buses, modified vehicles, or cash prizes. To enter, individuals purchase apparel or merchandise from the company’s website, earning them entries into the giveaways. This marketing strategy has proven effective in erecting a devoted community of supporters. Still, some skepticism arises due to the lack of transparency in their operations.

Critics argue that the odds of winning a vehicle are extremely low, considering the large number of participants and the high retail value of the prizes. Also, concerns have been raised about the legitimacy of the winners and whether they’re real individuals or simply fabricated to maintain the company’s credibility.


  • 80Eighty primarily operates through its website, where they vend merchandise similar to clothing, car parts, and accessories. They also host car giveaways, where participants can enter by copying items from their store. The company advertises that a portion of the proceeds from wares deals goes towards funding these giveaways. Winners are chosen aimlessly through a drawing process.
  • One of the main concerns raised by critics is the lack of transparency in the selection process for giveaway winners. Some individuals have expressed doubt about whether the winners are truly named arbitrarily or if there’s any bias involved. Also, there have been instances where winners have faced difficulties in claiming their prizes, similar to delays in shipping or communication issues with the company.
  • Likewise, there have been reports of customers passing issues with customer service and difficulty in carrying refunds for merchandise purchases. Some individuals have complained about unresponsive or harmful client support, which has led to frustration and dissatisfaction.
  • On the other hand, numerous people have shared in 80Eighty’s giveaways and entered their prizes without any issues. They’ve participated in their positive experiences, showcasing that the company does follow through with its pledges.
  • It’s important to note that opinions and guests can vary greatly, and what one person considers licit, another may not. While there have been enterprises raised about the transparency and customer service of 80Eighty, it doesn’t inescapably mean that the company is entirely illegitimate or fraudulent.
  • To make an informed decision about whether to engage with 80Eighty, it’s judicious to conduct thorough research and consider the experiences of others. Reading reviews, and forums, and reaching out to people who have dealt with the company directly can give precious insights into its legitimacy and overall reputation. 80Eighty has generated mixed opinions regarding its legality.
  • While some individuals have had positive experiences and entered their prizes, others have raised concerns about transparency, fairness, and customer service. It’s recommended to gather as important information as possible before deciding to engage with the company.

What Kind Of Company Is 80Eighty? Is 80eighty Legit?

80Eighty is a company that specializes in dealing refurbished, aftermarket rims and custom wheels for cars and exchanges. The company has been around since 2016 with an A standing from the Better Business Bureau. Their focus is on furnishing quality products at competitive prices without immolating client service. All of their products are backed by an assiduity-leading warranty and they offer free shipping to anywhere in the US.

They also have a unique financing option available, allowing customers to buy wheels now and pay later. Overall, 80Eighty is a great resource for anyone looking to customize their vehicle or upgrade their wheels without breaking the bank.

History of 80Eighty

80Eighty is a company that gained attention for its unique approach to automotive giveaways and merchandise. Still, it’s important to note that my knowledge of the arrest is in September 2021, and the company’s status and reputation may have changed since then also. As of my knowledge cutoff, 80Eighty had gained popularity through its marketing strategy of offering car giveaways and merchandise to customers. The company presented itself as a platform that combined automotive enthusiasm with the chance to win high-end vehicles, similar to sports cars and trucks. They employed social media platforms and banded with influencers to promote their brand and engage with their audience.

While the company entered both positive and negative reviews, it’s worth mentioning that some customers reported successful experiences and claimed to have entered their prizes. Still, others expressed concerns about the transparency of the giveaways and the factual odds of winning. It’s pivotal for individuals to conduct thorough research and exercise caution when engaging with any company, especially when it involves fiscal transactions or particular information. Reading customer reviews, checking the company’s reputation, and understanding the terms and conditions are essential steps to take ahead of sharing in any giveaways or making purchases.

Given that my information isn’t date, I recommend exploring recent customer feedback, reviews, and news articles to determine the current legitimacy and reputation of 80Eighty.

Comparison with Similar Companies

Constantly delivered on their promises, awarding the advertised vehicles to the winners and supporting colourful charitable causes. Their transparency, credibility, and long-standing track record contribute to their legitimacy as a company. In contrast, 80Eighty’s reputation has been marred by controversies, similar to allegations of misleading advertising and customer dissatisfaction. These factors have led some individuals to question the legitimacy of their operations and the factual chances of winning a car through their giveaways.

While 80Eighty may have gained popularity for their unique approach to car giveaways, enterprises and controversies have raised doubts about their legality. When comparing them to analogous companies like Omaze and Conjure Giveaway, the transparency, credibility, and track record of these alternatives contribute to their perceived legitimacy. As a consumer, it’s important to probe and consider these factors before engaging with any company that offers giveaways or contests.

Customer Experiences

80Eighty is a company that primarily operates as an automotive lifestyle brand and offers car enthusiasts a chance to win customized vehicles through sweepstakes. While some customers have had positive experiences with the company, there have been mixed reviews and concerns raised about its legitimacy.

On one hand, some guests have reported entering their prizes and being satisfied with their purchases. They’ve praised the unique and high-quality vehicles they won and have confided the company for delivering on its promises. Also, 80Eighty has a presence on social media platforms, showcasing their winners and the cars they have entered, which adds credibility to their operations.

still, there have been multitudinous complaints and negative gests participated by customers as well. Some individuals have claimed that they faced difficulties in entering their prizes or encountered delays in the delivery process. Others have expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of the vehicles they entered, stating that they didn’t match the announced specifications or had colourful mechanical issues.

Likewise, there have been concerns about the transparency of 80Eighty’s operations. Some customers have blamed the company for using deceptive marketing tactics and not easily telling the odds of winning. Also, there have been reports of aggressive and deceiving sales tactics used by their representatives. Considering the mixed reviews and the concerns raised by some customers, it’s essential to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before engaging with 80Eighty. Reading reviews, seeking advice from trusted sources, and precisely reviewing the terms and conditions are judicious ways to make an informed decision.

Difficulties and Legal Issues

80Eighty is a company that has faced difficulties and legal issues in history. While it’s important to note that this information is grounded on the knowledge available until my September 2021 cutoff, it can give some insights into the company’s history. One of the main controversies girding 80Eighty is related to its sweepstakes and giveaways.

Some individuals have blamed the company for misleading advertising practices, professing that the chances of winning the advertised vehicles or cash prizes were extremely low. In some cases, winners reported difficulties in claiming their prizes, leading to client dissatisfaction and complaints. Likewise, there have been reports of customers passing delays in entering their bought products from 80Eighty. This has led to concerns about the company’s order fulfillment and customer service.

In terms of legal issues, 80Eighty has faced lawsuits in the past. These lawsuits have involved allegations of deceptive advertising and illegal business practices. Some guests have indicted the company for making false pledges and failing to deliver on those pledges. It’s important to conduct thorough research and consider multiple sources of information before making any judgments or decisions about a company. Checking recent news and reviews can give streamlined insights into the current state of 80 Eighty and its reputation.

Comparison with analogous Companies

80Eighty is a company that operates in the automotive industry, specializing in car giveaways and merchandise. While the company has gained some popularity, it has also faced reviews and mixed reviews. In terms of legitimacy, there are several factors to consider. First, 80Eighty has been involved in colourful car giveaways, where participants can enter for a chance to win a car.

Winners have been blazoned, and there have been individuals who have entered the promised prizes, which suggests that the company does follow through on their comps. Still, there have been complaints and negative experiences reported by customers. Some individuals have claimed that they didn’t admit their bought wares or faced delays in shipping. Others have expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of the products they entered. These complaints raise concerns about the company’s customer service and fulfillment processes.

Compared to analogous companies, like Dream Giveaway and Omaze, 80Eighty falls short in terms of reputation and customer satisfaction. conjure Giveaway, for case, has a more established track record and a larger number of satisfied customers. Omaze has also gained credibility through its charitable initiatives and partnerships with celebrities.

Consumers need to exercise caution and conduct their research before engaging with any company, including 80Eighty. Reading reviews, checking the company’s history, and understanding the terms and conditions of any giveaways or purchases can help individuals make informed decisions.

Trustworthiness and Reputation

80Eighty is a company that gained popularity through its unique business model of combining car giveaways with merchandise sales. Still, its trustworthiness and reputation have been the subject of controversy and dubitation. While the company has a significant online presence and claims to offer luxury car giveaways, several factors raise doubts about its legitimacy.

One major concern is the lack of transparency regarding the winners of their car giveaways. numerous individuals have reported not entering their promised prizes, and the company has been blamed for its failure to give empirical evidence of winners. This has led to accusations of 80Eighty conducting deceiving elevations and potentially operating a scam.

Likewise, the company has faced legal issues and complaints from customers. In 2018, the Better Business Bureau( BBB) issued a warning regarding 80Eighty’s advertising practices, citing concerns over misleading claims and failure to give accurate information. Several customers have also filed complaints against the company for non-delivery of wares and poor customer service.

While it’s important to note that not all customers have had negative experiences with 80Eighty, the combination of undetermined complaints, lack of transparency, and legal issues raises doubts about the company’s trustworthiness and reputation. It’s judicious for individuals to exercise caution and conduct thorough exploration before engaging in any transactions with 80 Eighty or analogous companies.

Are The Dream Car Giving Down Legit?

Yes, they can be. conjure car giveaways similar to those offered by 80 Eighty are legal and licit, but there are some important things to consider before entering one of these contests. First, it’s important to understand how these types of sweepstakes work and the odds of winning. Conjure car giveaways generally correspond to multiple participants who enter for a chance to win a large prize, in this case, a brand-new vehicle. Entrants ’ chances of winning depend on several factors including how numerous people have entered the contest, how well-known the company running the contest is, and whether fresh promotional activities (similar to social media campaigns) were used to promote it.

Generally speaking, your chances may not be veritably good if you’re contending against hundreds or thousands of other entrants. Second, make sure that you read through all rules and regulations precisely before entering any type of giveaway. Most estimable companies will easily state their eligibility requirements and give detailed information about what happens after someone wins (for example whether taxes must be paid). While utmost dream car giveaways similar to those offered by 80Eighty appear licit at first glance, it pays off to do your research beforehand so that you don’t end up wasting your time on something that isn’t going to pay off in the end!

Benefits of Shopping With 80eighty

Shopping with 80 eighty can be a great way for car enthusiasts to find the perfect rims and tires for their vehicles. In addition to offering a wide selection of wheels, 80eighty also provides excellent customer service and competitive prices so you get quality products at reasonable rates. One major benefit of shopping with 80 Eighty is that they offer free shipping on orders over$ 99. This makes it much easier and further affordable to get your new wheels delivered right to your door without any fresh costs.

Also, they have an easy return policy that allows customers to shoot back items if demanded within 30 days of purchase with no hassle or retirement fees. Likewise, when you protect at 80 eighty you’re guaranteed authentic parts which are backed by manufacturers ’ warranties so you know that what you buy will last for years down the road without breaking down precariously due to defective components or manufacturing defects. Incipiently, they give an expert team who are knowledgeable about all types of cars and can help customers make decisions grounded on their specific situation rather than just dealing with them blindly as some retailers do.

Legitimacy and Security of the Website

When it comes to the legitimacy and security of 80eighty, it’s important to note that they’re a licit business. They’ve been in operation since 2012 with no complaints or reports of fraud or scamming. The company has taken measures to ensure its website is secure by using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology when collecting customer information. This ensures that all data entered on their website is translated and defended from hackers or other vicious actors.

Are Forged 4 × 4 Giveaways Real?

Forged 4×4 giveaways are a licit way to get free automotive parts. 80eighty has partnered with Forged4x4 to give away cars, wheels, tires and further. The process is simple, enter the giveaway and you may be chosen as the winner of some stupendous prizes. In addition to car parts, there have been other items given away through Forged 4×4 similar to clothing and gift cards – so indeed if you don’t win the grand prize or first place prize, you still might find something great when sharing in these giveaways! Overall, yes, Forged 4 × 44 giveaways are real; they give an opportunity not just for vehicle owners but also anyone interested in entering gifts by simply entering competitions online.

Advantages vs Other Car Parts Retailers

When shopping for car parts online, it’s important to consider the advantages of a retailer compared to other retailers. 80eighty is an auto parts retailer that specializes in aftermarket car performance parts and accessories. They offer competitive pricing and a wide selection of wheels, suspension components, engine upgrades, body kits, exterior styling products, and further. One main advantage of 80 eighty over other retailers is their client service.

Customers can fluently communicate with their support platoon with any questions or concerns they’ve before making a purchase. Customer reviews also suggest that their sales staff are knowledgeable about their product offering and willing to help customers find what they need snappily and efficiently. Also, all orders placed on 80eighty come with free shipping within theU.S., so you get your items delivered without added costs.

Overall, there are numerous benefits of shopping at 80 EIGHTY over other car part retailers similar as low prices along with free shipping, excellent customer service, a risk-free price matching policy, plus access to a large selection of quality automotive parts across colourful brands.

Who Owns 80Eighty?

80Eighty is an online car giveaway company innovated by Daniel Schmucker. Schmucker, a former auto mechanic and professional street racer, had the idea to produce a platform that offered customers the chance to win cars at no cost while contemporaneously furnishing them with instigative guests. As similar, 80Eighty was born in 2017 and has since become one of the biggest free-to-enter car giveaways in the United States. The success of 80Eighty can largely be attributed to its founder’s vision for offering affordable vehicles through creative contests.

By hosting competitions like “ conjure Car Giveaways ”, where participants must complete colourful tasks or answer trivia questions correctly to enter a delineation for their dream vehicle, Schmucker has been suitable to give hundreds of people their dream cars without charging them any outspoken fees. Overall, it’s clear that 80Eighty is licit and completely possessed by its founder Daniel Schmucker who erected this company from scratch grounded on his passion for automotive technology combined with innovative ideas that allow him to bring joy into others ’ lives through furnishing free cars as prizes.

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My final thoughts on “Is 80eighty Legit”, can be added up in one word, yes. The company has a long track record of furnishing quality products and services to its customers, with glowing reviews from former customers attesting to its dependability. With an expansive selection of wheels, tires, and other automotive accessories designed specifically for the aftermarket industry, 80Eighty is well-equipped to deliver what it promises. Likewise, their customer support team is largely educated in dealing with any specialized or product inquiries that may arise throughout the shopping experience. All these factors combined make them a dependable source for car enthusiasts looking to customize their vehicles without breaking the bank.


What’s 80Eighty?

80Eighty is an automotive lifestyle brand that organizes car giveaways, sponsors motorsports events, and sells merchandise related to the automotive industry. They’ve gained a significant following by offering enthusiasts the chance to win high-performance vehicles.

How does 80Eighty work?

80Eighty primarily operates through its online platform, where guests can buy merchandise, share in car giveaways, and engage with their community. They frequently unite with well-known influencers and athletes to promote their brand and giveaways.

Are the car giveaways real?

Yes, the car giveaways conducted by 80 Eighty are licit. They’ve successfully given down multitudinous high-performance vehicles to lucky winners. The winners are named through an arbitrary drawing, and the process is transparently proved and participated on their website and social media platforms.

How can I enter a car giveaway?

To enter a car giveaway, you generally need to buy merchandise from the 80Eighty website. Each purchase will earn you a certain number of entries into the giveaway. The further merchandise you buy, the further chances you have to win. Still, it’s important to note that some giveaways may have specific eligibility criteria, similar to age restrictions or residency requirements.

Is purchasing merchandise necessary to enter a car giveaway?

Yes, copping merchandise is generally needed to enter a car giveaway organized by 80Eighty. The purchase serves as an entry fee and helps support the company’s operations and sponsorships. Still, they also give a free mail-in entry option for those who prefer not to make a purchase.

What kind of wares does 80Eighty sell?

80Eighty offers a wide range of merchandise including apparel, accessories, car parts, and lifestyle products related to the automotive industry. Their merchandise frequently features their distinctive logo and branding, appealing to car enthusiasts and fans of motorsports.

Does 80Eighty have physical retail stores?

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, 80Eighty primarily operates online, and they don’t have physical retail stores. Still, they sometimes set up pop-up shops at automotive events and trade shows where customers can buy their merchandise in person.

Are there any customer reviews or testimonials about 80Eighty?

Yes, you can find customer reviews and testimonials about 80Eighty online. numerous winners of their car giveaways have participated in their experiences and gratitude for winning a vehicle through their platform. Also, customers frequently review the quality and design of the merchandise they’ve bought.

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